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For the familiar faces and the newer ones, here is a list of information that may answer some of your questions but if we've missed something just call or text anytime and we will do what we can to point you in the right direction.




Doctors - Your local Doctors surgery is Islip - Islip Surgery


Dogs - We love our four legged Moorers but they have trouble reaching the bins to dispose of their own waste so we all rely on their owners to keep the place tidy. Though most of our Moorers are responsible, we have had some issues with dog mess. Please bag it and bin it, we do have children on site and dog mess can be toxic.


Glass - If you would like to do your bit and re-cycle your glass bottles, jars etc, please leave them by the bins and we will take them to be re-cycled.



Grocery shopping - Perhaps one of the most reliable grocery delivery services for us at Enslow Marina is Asda, they know where we are and seem to be the most reliable. The other supermarkets do deliver so there is some choice. There is a Sainsburys in Kidlington and you'll find other handy shops there too.


Laundry - To use the laundry service, moorers will be given a laundry bag and they can call or text for it to be collected from their boat. Laundry is usually returned back within 48 hours.


News - By the entrance to the Moorings and by the diesel point you will find  notice boards with any current information, including new arrivals to the marina by road, departures, the cost & availability of services etc.


Parking - Cars parked at Enslow must be owned by moorers or guests visiting the site. Parking is restricted to one vehicle per person, up to a maximum of two per mooring. All vehicles should be parked appropriately. From Spring 2016 parking permits will be allocated and any vehicles that continually park without a permit will accrue charges. Vehicles should not be left with a SORN declaration on them. As parking at Enslow is limited we regret that we cannot offer a storage facility for vehicles. If you are leaving your vehicle at the marina to take your boat out for some time please let the office know and park in the upper car-park so that access is not restricted.


BSS Examinations & Repairs & Maintenance

For insurance & security reasons we ask that moorers wishing to have a BSS Examiner or Engineer to attend their craft use those named as authorised to work from our site.

If choosing an alternative we request that you take your boat out from the marina to have the work carried out.

If you have someone booked in to attend your craft for other reasons ie: to measure up for a cratch cover, we do ask that you advise the office in writing prior to the appointment date.

BSS Examiner - Les Wright

Tel: 07710429374

Engineer - John Coombes


Post - Whether a temporary Moorer of a more permanent fixture it's no problem to have your mail delivered to the marina. Make sure you include your boat name on post or parcels and we can hand deliver it to you or store it in the office for you to collect. There's no charge for the service. You can pop your outward letters in the red box to be delivered to a Royal Mail box, just stamp them appropriately.


Refuse - The bins are located in the bottom car-park by the main office. They are emptied twice weekly on a Monday and a Thursday. Following a Bank Holiday they are emptied on a Tuesday.


Speed limits - Please can all vehicles travel through the marina at the restricted speed of 10 MPH fot the safety of children, pets and pedestrians.


Woodlands - Parking in the Woodlands is already restricted, please can only moorers who have their boat in the Woodlands, or their visitors, park in that area. Please drive carefully through the Woodlands at the restricted speed of 10 MPH.









Blackings, welding, dock hire, re-paints, signwriting, repairs, re-fits, servicing, carpentry work, diesel, pump-out/elsan, gas, coal, logs & laundry are all available at Enslow Marina. Additionally by arrangement Moorers can have milk, bread, eggs or your favourite paper delivered.



We stock many every day items here at Enslow but if we don't have it we can order it in for the following day - just fill out the 'Contact' form by clicking on this link - adding part numbers or any other relevant details.



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